Show goes underground

Printmaker Sarah Robinson.
Printmaker Sarah Robinson.

Printmaker Sarah Robinson has installed six etchings in Crystal Cave at Yanchep National Park as part of her project with Edith Cowan University.

‘A requirement of my PhD is that I need to display my works at a public art exhibition,’ Ms Robinson said.

‘I have always had a fondness for limestone caves and decided to create prints that respond to the cave environment ” Crystal Cave was the perfect location to hold such an exhibition.

‘The installation will include 3D and digital prints on glass, plus a piece which incorporates images of a 3D printed creature once unique to Crystal Cave and experiments with xanthorrheoa resin as an art material.’

Park manager Julia Coggins said it would give visitors an added bonus when visiting the cave.

‘It’s the first time we’ve held an artistic exhibition of this type in one of our caves,’ she said.

‘Sarah’s works will be displayed in various locations throughout Crystal Cave and will give an added dimension to the visitor experience.

‘Each cave tour is limited to a maximum of 30 patrons.

‘The exhibition is also a result of the park’s ongoing relationships with local educational organisations such as ECU.’

Ms Robinson’s artworks can be viewed until Saturday.