Speed humps stay

A DECISION on whether rubber speed humps should remain on Aldersea Circle in Clarkson has been deferred until the City of Wanneroo finishes a traffic policy review.

A staff recommendation to continue using speed cushions and collect more traffic data in Aldersea Circle over the next two years lapsed for want of a mover at the July 21 council meeting.

Councillor Sabine Winton received unanimous support for her alternative recommendation to finish a traffic management policy review by November and reconsider the speed hump issue after the council adopted that.

Having given a deputation about health and traffic safety issues caused by the humps prior to the meeting, Clarkson resident Alan Connell said he hoped the review was not a fob off.

“It’s good that they are going to have a look at this procedure – no other council in WA has this procedure,” he said.

The council received a 119-signature petition in June 2014 to remove speed humps installed four months earlier.

“Most people want something that will slow traffic down that isn’t so hard on backs,” Mr Connell said.