Stirling given thumbs down

A request by Stirling to extend its exemption by another year to mid-2014 did not find support from MRC administration, who recommended instead it be extended only to September.

However, elected members at the May 2 meeting, who represent the cities of Joondalup, Wanneroo, Vincent and Perth, plus towns of Cambridge and Victoria Park, did not support any extension.

Councillor Dot Newton moved an alternative motion that Stirling start delivering municipal waste to MRC again from July 1, which was supported by six of others present, but not three representatives from the City of Stirling.

‘We actually need their waste to keep the costs down for everyone’s residents,’ the Wanneroo councillor told the Times.

MRC chairman Russ Fishwick said escalating operational costs influenced the decision, as the other members face higher tipping fees while Stirling was not tipping its rubbish at either the Neerabup resource recovery facility or Tamala Park landfill.

‘What you really need is to have everyone on deck,’ he said.

Stirling Mayor David Boothman, who also sits on the regional council, said they agreed to withdraw three years ago after negotiations of a flat rate tipping fee broke down.

‘The City agreed to a withdrawal at the other member councils’ request,’ he said.

‘Now the other member councils are doing a back flip ‘