Taking issue into own hands

Seabird Progress and Sports Association president Garry Thomas said residents met last Friday and decided to pledge their own funds after Gingin shire council failed to commit $50,000 at a special council meeting on May 14.

�The shire and the (state) government are doing nothing to solve the problem of the erosion,� he said.

�It�s currently threatening five houses.�

Mr Thomas said they held a protest in Gingin last Wednesday, then the shire called the special council meeting to consider allocating $50,000 for emergency works.

However, he said that recommendation was amended to only look at funding provided state funding and approval was given.

Mr Thomas said residents had given contractors the �go-ahead� to start sandbagging and hoped to source the rest of the funds this week, but hoped they would be reimbursed.

�A fair amount is coming from the people that are most affected,� he said.

�Other people are also donating because we all realise that if some of those beachfront properties go, the value of other properties is going to go down.�

Mr Thomas said a doctor who retired to his beachfront Seabird property three years ago had now closed down his part-time practice due to stress on his wife, who is also his assistant.

�Him closing down is going to put a lot of pressure on the very strained services in Gingin and Lancelin,� he said.

The resident said businesses generally were struggling as fewer people were visiting the holiday town.