Top cop in Yanchep thanked for police presence

At the July 22 Two Rocks Yanchep Residents Association meeting, president Peter Wimsett thanked Yanchep Police Sergeant Jason Macander because, he said, ‘we have seen the police on the roads’ since he (Sgt Macander) took charge in June.

Sgt Macander said he had detected a car travelling south at 95km/h in the 60km/h zone on Marmion Avenue. The driver received a ‘hefty traffic infringement’ and was also close to losing her vehicle for the offence.

He said police would continue to target driving offences.

‘We’ve had 12 vehicles seized since I’ve been here, for at least the first or second offence,’ he said.

‘We haven’t had any crushed yet, but I can’t wait.’

Sgt Macander said they had brought out a police vehicle equipped with technology to detect unregistered vehicles.

He said said police had taken licence plates away from 15 vehicles whose registration had expired at least three months earlier.

Drink drivers were also not getting the message, as his officers discovered while assisting Clarkson Police in Quinns Rocks about 9.30pm on July 18.

‘We stopped one guy driving at 20km/h with no lights on, thinking he was doing the speed limit,’ Sgt Macander said.

‘He didn’t know why we were targeting him (but) he handed us his keys as he got out.

‘He was served with an immediate disqualification notice and he has been summonsed to court.’

The 43-year-old Quinns Rocks man allegedly had a blood alcohol content level of 0.159.

While Sgt Macander wanted officers on the streets patrolling, he said they were also gathering intelligence and encouraged residents to report anything suspicious by calling the police station on 9562 9300 or emailing