Trains cancelled between Clarkson and Butler on Saturday

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TRAINS are cancelled between Clarkson and Butler stations this Saturday.

The track closure is from 7.15am to 7pm for maintenance and follows previous all-day works on October 7.

Public Transport Authority spokesman David Hynes said it did not disrupt passenger services without “good reason” and aimed to do routine maintenance outside peak times such as on weekends or at night. “The recent closures have enabled crews to carry out important maintenance on overhead line equipment,” he said.

“The overheads are critical to running a reliable train system; if we don’t do this kind of maintenance, we risk unplanned disruptions that affect more people and lead to major system-wide delays.

“These works could not have been done concurrently, as each required the same staff and equipment.”

He said the work was noisy, so was done during the day, and several different types of track and overhead work would occur to make the most of the closure.

The last full-line service leaves Perth on Saturday at 6am and Butler at 6.56am and resume from Perth at 6.38pm and Butler at 7.26pm. Rail replacement buses will run.

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