Volcano climb for cancer

Derek Oldham is climbing Mt Kilimanjaro.
Derek Oldham is climbing Mt Kilimanjaro.

The 64-year-old electrical contractor was one of three guest speakers at a Two Rocks Yanchep Assisted Cancer Travels (TRYACT) meeting on June 12.

He told attendees he was fundraising for the fledgling, non-profit group through his trek to the top of the African volcano, which is 5895m above sea level.

‘It was first climbed in the 1890s ” now it is classified as the highest, hardest trek in the world,’ Mr Oldham said.

‘It is a nine-day trek and we start in tropical savannah with temperatures between 32 and 35 degrees.

‘Then as we ascend, we go through about five climates (including alpine and arctic).

‘The biggest danger is altitude sickness ” 40 per cent of climbers don’t make it to the top.

‘You are dealing with temperatures between -15 and -40 degrees and you are dealing with 50 per cent oxygen (in the atmosphere).’

To donate, call Jo Holding from TRYACT on 0414 702 726.