Wanneroo council opts not to close Nott Place access path

A BUSHY strip of land between houses could become a sealed pathway following a Wanneroo City Council decision.

Councillors agreed without discussion not to close the public access way between the cul-de-sac and Oldham Reserve in Yanchep on December 8.

Instead, they asked staff to investigate the feasibility and costs of providing a permanent, sealed path through the 34m-long, 4m-wide strip.

The decision followed a deputation by resident David Branston who called for the access way to close, saying few people used it.

According to the council report, the City received 26 submissions during public consultation about the proposed closure, and 22 of those objected to closing it.

The City also received a 144-signature petition in August that objected to the proposed closure.

Mr Branston said the majority of those who would be affected – those who lived in Nott Place – wanted the access way closed.

None of them had signed a petition to keep it open, which Mr Branson called “slanderous”.

“Why go to the trouble of opening it all up and causing the potential angst to the neighbours?” he said.

Another Nott Place couple, the De Cinques, submitted a written question to the council asking why the access way needed to be closed.

“This access way has always been available and is convenient,” they said. “Instead of this access way being closed, the council should consider a footpath which will be more suitable and appreciated by the community.”

The report by the City’s staff supported keeping the access way open because it improved access to community facilities.