Watch and act alert issued for fast-moving Two Rocks fire

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A BUSHFIRE in the eastern part of Two Rocks has prompted a ‘watch and act’ warning from the Department of Fire and Emergency Services this afternoon.

DFES issued the warning for people in an area near Orchard Rest, Countryside Drive, Bushwood Follow, Farmhouse Link and Oregano Drive about 4pm on January 24, an hour after it was first reported.

“The alert level for this fire has been upgraded as it is moving quickly in a northerly direction,” it said.

“There is a possible threat to lives and homes as a fire is approaching in the area and conditions are changing.

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“You need to leave or get ready to actively defend.

“Firefighters are expecting the wind to shift from southerly to south easterly at 1am.”

The fire started near the intersection of Oregano Drive and Caraway Loop, and there is reportedly a lot of smoke in the area.

The City of Wanneroo is managing the fire, the cause of which is unknown, and fire crews are on the scene actively fighting the fire.

Aerial support has been sent to protect crews and homes.

Visit, call 13 DFES (13 3337), follow DFES on Twitter @dfes_wa, or listen to news bulletins for updates.

Anyone with a respiratory condition who has been affected by smoke can call their local doctor or Health Direct on 1800 022 222.


  • If you are not prepared or you plan to leave, leave now if the way is clear.
  • If you are well prepared and plan to actively defend your home, make final preparations now.
  • If you are not at home, do not try to return as conditions in the area could be very dangerous.
  • Close all doors and windows and turn off evaporative air conditioners, but keep water running through the system if possible.