Yanchep bee keeper highlights dangers of disturbing swarms in ‘Uber for bees’ video

Sticky Pricks Bee Haven's Roy Murphy says people should call professionals to deal with swarms and hives.
Sticky Pricks Bee Haven's Roy Murphy says people should call professionals to deal with swarms and hives.

A YANCHEP bee keeper is urging people to call professionals to remove swarms after a queen bee was taken away in a bin, leaving the rest of her swarm to die.

Sticky Prick Bee Haven apiarist Roy Murphy posted a Facebook video of bees in his truck cab after being called to deal with a swarm in Butler today.

Mr Murphy said the bees had swarmed onto the rubbish bin, and the resident tried to let the bin man get rid of them, in vain.

Roy Murphy catching a swarm in Butler.

“He took the queen away and left a lot of bees behind,” he said in the video.

“What I’ve got now is a lot of bees that are just pretty much disturbed that have attached onto me.

“To clear them off I’ve just put them all in my truck; sitting in my truck with a whole heap of bees.

“I’m going to take them for a drive – Uber for the bees.

Bees in my truck cabin Also have a listen of the 6pr interview https://www.6pr.com.au/podcast/got-a-bee-in-your-bonnet-how-about-a-swarm-in-your-garden/

Posted by Sticky Prick Bee Haven on Monday, 1 October 2018

“What I’m probably going to have to do is drive down the road away from this area and just let the bees out.

“These bees won’t survive; they’re going to die because they have got no queen bee.

“They’ve got no home; they’re lost.

“Unfortunately I’ll let these bees out and eventually they will starve.

“They’ve got no hive; they’ve got nowhere to go to.”

Bees need a queen to survive.

Mr Murphy told Community News that spring meant bees were out looking for places to build their homes

“Now that things are starting to warm up the bees are starting to swam a lot more,” he said.

“It’s a pretty big problem that a lot of people are trying to fix themselves.

“If you tamper with them you could kill the queen.

“By taking the queen away there’s no direction and bees are lost.

“They need a queen to start up a new home.

“Sometimes it’s best to leave it to the professionals – get someone like myself who can take them away humanely.”

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Mr Murphy said he relocated bees to the Wanerie bee haven and said it was important to protect bees.

“A lot of the food that we eat is pollinated by bees,” he said.

Roy Murphy relocates bees to hives.