Yanchep: double drink driving charges for man (57), car impounded

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POLICE have charged a 57-year-old man for allegedly drink driving twice today and impounded his vehicle after he drove the wrong way around a roundabout.

Breath and Drug Operations conducted alcohol and drug testing on Indian Ocean Drive on August 29 and charged the man for driving under the influence of alcohol, twice.

“About 11.15am the man was stopped on Indian Ocean Drive and provided a breath test reading calculated to be over three times the legal limit,” WA Police Sergeant Andrew Maher said.

“The man was charged and waited for family to collect him.

“Shortly after the man was seen by traffic officers driving his vehicle the wrong way around the roundabout on Marmion Avenue.

“He was stopped and it is alleged he had drunk more alcohol.

“He was conveyed back to the breath and drug bus where he gave calculated breath reading over three times the legal limit.

“The man was charge further for driving under the influence of alcohol and his vehicle was impounded.”

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