Yanchep ovals unsuitable for sports

In a letter responding to Butler MLA John Quigley’s request on behalf of the Two Rocks Yanchep Residents Association, Mr Jacob said the ovals had not been used for organised sport for many years.

‘Water extraction licence conditions impose a limit on the volume of water available to leaseholders and for reticulation of the grassed recreation areas,’ Mr Jacob said. ‘A decision was made in 2002 to manage the grounds as dry parks ” all reticulation infrastructure for both grounds was subsequently removed.

‘A considerable investment would be required to return the grounds to a standard that provided a safe and suitable surface for organised sporting competition.’

Mr Quigley said he was disappointed with the response.

‘A number of residents have raised the question with me as to why the ovals in Yanchep National Park cannot be utilised for local sporting teams,’ he said.

‘Given that local residents must pay an entry fee to the Yanchep National Park, which is not the case at either Whiteman Park or Kings Park’