Years of family history held in lost containers

Sylvia McBride with a photo of her uncle, Hector Hawkes. |Picture: Martin Kennealey   d440710
Sylvia McBride with a photo of her uncle, Hector Hawkes. |Picture: Martin Kennealey d440710

Mrs McBride contacted the Times recently calling for help to locate two large white containers that went missing when she moved from Butler to her home in Clarkson in November 2013.

One of them included some photos and files on her family dating back to 1740 that she was compiling to give to her grand-|daughter.

�When the removalists brought my other stuff down I wasn�t there because I had to be at the house to make sure everything was clear,� she said.

�And when I came back, everything was piled everywhere and we just decided to go through it another day, but I ended up in hospital.

�I�ve been in and out of hospital since then and I didn�t have time to have a look at it. As we�ve cleared things, I�ve been able to have a look through it and they�re nowhere in the house or in the yard, nowhere.�

�So I�m more upset about this than anything. I was really depressed. It really got me down because I�ve been doing this for 37 years and I�ve spent a lot of money also on this,� she said.

�I�d be over the moon if someone said �we�ve got your things�, I probably wouldn�t stop grinning for a few months.�

Mrs McBride said during her research she had made a few discoveries and she wanted to be able to continue her work.

�On one side I managed to get back to 1740 or something but on the other side I can�t seem to budge past 1850. You find out such a lot about your family.

�I knew that some of my family were musicians but I didn�t know there was such a lot on both sides � they�re either musicians or they�re mariners. My grandfather was the biggest contrast because he was a foreman on the docks and he used to play the violin so that is quite unusual.�

She is asking anyone with information or anyone who may have found the containers to call her on 9305 9367 and to leave a message if she�s unable to answer.

�If by chance they have found their way in to your home or you know where they are you would make me a very happy lady,� she said.

�There will be no questions asked; I only want my container full of my files returned.�