You have to hand it to this artist

You have to hand it to this artist

The Year 7 Butler College student said he was excited and pleased to be holding his next exhibition, to run from 1pm to 4pm.

It will include new creations ranging from space ships, dragons, prehistoric dinosaurs, modern mammals, future hybrid creatures and even a sea of penguins.

James held his first show to raise funds for Merriwa Education Support Centre about three years ago.

But says this year�s is set to be bigger, bolder and full of an even larger assortment of new wild and wonderful creations.

James was encouraged to draw and create things from a very young age, to strengthen his hands that were deemed underdeveloped by his doctor.

He now has strong hands, a �mean handshake�, and an insatiable desire to draw and create. Parents Elizabeth and Peter said they were very proud of James.