Barnett stance appalling

The Liberals had my vote. However, I was highly impressed by the Labor plan for expanding Perth’s rail network and the fact that the Labor leader has at last come out and rejected the Gillard carbon tax.

But what tipped it for me was the appalling stance taken by Premier Barnett in his public statement calling for a boycott of Dutch politician Geert Wilders. He broadcast publicly that Mr Wilders was not welcome in this State and that he was glad all the venues booked for his speaking tours had cancelled at the last minute.

We should remind Mr Barnett that The Netherlands is a democratic country where all its citizens have the right to free speech. Mr Wilders is the leader of the second biggest political party in the country.

How fascinating that the same Premier was happy to censor a Dutch politician, while he has no problem dealing with Chinese politicians who do business in our State. China is a Communist dictatorship, which censors its citizens.

Mr Wilders’ main strength is that he speaks out against political correctness. The Premier of this State should get the raspberries for his support of political correctness and speech censorship.