Beware of scam

RECENTLY I had a phone call from one “Max Lewis” who informed me that the Australian Federal Government Finance Department had an amount of $6335 in my name, being a refund for excessive bank charges, accumulated over time.

All I had to do was go to my local Post Office and ask for a Western Union form for the transfer of my money to pay a lawyer to retrieve the money by a class action against the banks.

It was a princely sum of $6335 and would cost only $235 for the lawyers. I was to bring the form back home and call “Max” who would tell me how to fill in the form.

Well I went to the Post Office, got the form and went straight to my bank, who assured me they knew of no such class action against them and that it would be a scam.

Next, I went to the local police who told me they had known of a scam for some three months and had been able to retrieve some of the ill-gotten funds.

However, the scammers were based overseas with Sydney contacts so it would be hard to track them down to get the rest of the money.

I did not accede to “Max’s” request for said money.

The police specifically asked me to contact you and ask you to publish this to warn others about this scam.