Check protocols

IT is obvious when driving around the district that many in the community wish to show their loyalty to the Australian National Flag.

Both commercial entities and private citizens proudly erect flagpoles at their premises and hoist the flag aloft.

Sadly, in numerous cases, that is where respect for the national flag ends. There are strict protocols for displaying the flag but so often these are neglected.

For example, protocol requires that the Australian National Flag is lowered at sunset, unless it is illuminated, but in some cases that does not happen.

Similar disregard of protocol was evident on Remembrance Day, where flags were not half-masted at the appropriate time.

These breaches of flag protocol may be because of ignorance of the rules so I would urge those who do fly the flag, to pick up a copy of the free publication Australian Flags from their local Senator or MHR or online at


Commonwealth Flag Network,