Demands on our pollies intense

Amid the insults, jeers and point scoring that seems to have dominated political discourse recently, the fact remains that most politicians sign up for the job in the genuine hope of bettering society.

The demands placed on them, particularly federal WA representatives who are essentially fly-in, fly-out workers, are intense.

Moore MHR and GP Mal Washer, who served as the House medical practitioner during his time in Parliament, referred to the pressures faced by elected members in his valedictory speech recently.

‘I rapidly came to know firsthand how the rigours, the intellectual toll and the sheer physical demands of being a representative of the people of Australia affected the lives and health of us all here,’ he said.

Democracy by its very nature is competitive and politicians are rightly held to higher standards than the general population.

But in the din of political battle we should not forget that most politicians are human beings genuinely trying to do their best.