Distant Wanneroo

I DO not understand why I have never heard of anyone calling for a split between the northern coastal suburbs and the rest of the City of Wanneroo.

Every time that revenue from the city council rates that our family pays is spent on a council chamber, a museum or a public swimming pool in Wanneroo that is our loss and some stranger�s gain.

We simply do not use public facilities located in Wanneroo, so why should we pay for them when local facilities are inadequate or even non-existent?

We do not work in Wanneroo or attend school in Wanneroo and we do not have family living there.

We rarely shop there and we do not use services located there. There is no surf or beach in Wanneroo, and no university. As a family, we have more reasons to visit Joondalup, Perth, Bentley or even Mandurah.

I am aware that there are some very good historical buildings and children�s play facilities on the other side of Lake Joondalup, but it is a long drive to get there and these days we tend to favour the convenience of travelling to places using railway lines, and there is no Wanneroo station.

Why are we a part of the City of Wanneroo, when Wanneroo means nothing to us?

Name and address supplied.