Dog trouble

Dog beaches at Quinns and Yanchep have brought people from outside the immediate area resulting in parking issues, dog faeces on paths and beaches and a dangerous environment for families with young children who paid good money to live in a beach environment.

Dogs do need designated exercise areas, but where in the world did this nonsensical notion, that dogs must go to the beach for exercise, come from?

The notion that people out walking their dogs creates a safer environment is also patently absurd.

Many large dogs are walked by children with no control over a strong dog or by owners with dangerous breeds.

Even the gentlest dog has a need for a ‘poop’ on a walk, but sadly, very few pick up their dog’s droppings.

Property owners and beach lovers deserve a better deal from council and dog owners.

Council could end the debate by designating land between Wanneroo Road and Marmion Avenue for several designated exercise areas for dogs, by fencing the area, providing interesting terrain and factoring in parking space.