Dogged by dogs

FOUR years ago, we bought a property in Quinns Rocks because it was within 200-metres walking distance of a swimming beach.

The privilege of living here came at a huge cost and not just financially. In front of our home is the car park for the present dog beach. We experience frequent traffic noise and congestion, barking dogs, yelling owners and a dog wash operator conducting a business in the car park.

We regularly have to run the gauntlet of dog poo, urine, hair and smelly water when we use the access path to the beach. It is an embarrassment when we take visitors down there and a downright health hazard for our little grandchildren.

Imagine our dismay then to learn we are to lose 350 metres (and possibly as far south as Fred Stubbs Memorial Park) for the benefit of more dogs.

What about the residents of Quinns Rocks who like to be able to walk to their local beach and swim unaccosted by dogs?

Why should we have to sacrifice even more of our (limited) beaches?

Instead of extending existing dog beaches, why doesn’t the council create new dog beaches in other areas?

Oh, wait, I know’