‘Egging’ season

Halloween used to be a fun, sharing time enjoyed by many families in the community whereby the giving and receiving of treats to neighbourhood children was always a pleasurable experience.

Over recent years, Halloween has become more synonymous with marauding youths running through estates pelting eggs at properties and vehicles alike, the dried-out residue of which can be extremely difficult to remove if it goes unnoticed for some time.

Last year, I witnessed the efforts of a neighbour attempting to remove egg staining from his second-storey feature window frames by drastic means ” he had been obliged to hire an elevated work platform to tackle the baked-on residue from an attack earlier in the week.

Surely it is time for the community to bring pressure to bear upon the local supermarket chains to question the sale of cartons of eggs to youths at this time of the year. It is pretty obvious to one and all that these vandals are not about to head home and knock up pancakes in the twilight of the evening with their buddies.