Elevate freeway

I READ all the research papers and find it unacceptable that the Mitchell Freeway extension should run through such a highly sensitive area.

It is not only that pristine bushland will be destroyed and the home of countless animals will disappear, but also the area will be split forever into two, never to meet again.

It is much better to elevate the freeway and leave the surface underneath (after the damage from the construction has been cleared) as it was.

That may be expensive, but dividing by the years of the freeway’s use not so much.

In addition, the state can recover cost by having the freeway managed by a private company against a fee, which this company would recover by collecting a toll.

Moreover, think about the nature that remains intact; therefore, let us elevate the freeway.

Why would we do less than best practice?

I have made those comments to the Environmental Protection Authority.