Eye-opener trip

I ALWAYS thought Perth�s rail system was pretty good and modern, although we had heard from others who had travelled that it was not as good as some in other countries.

Not having travelled for a very long time, my wife and I had not had the opportunity ourselves to compare. But a recent trip to Asia, specifically Singapore and Hong Kong, was a true eye-opener.

We saw multi-level tracks, all under ground, and almost every underground station was huge with a multi level shopping centre.

Trains appeared longer and carriages wider. The visual station display on the top corners above each door was far better and easier to read. The display also showed the next station highlighted in green and where the transfer/terminal stations were for other lines.

Transfer stations were more frequent than in Perth and not just one main station where passengers could chanage to other lines.

I was also very impressed with the cleanliness of the platforms and the fact that there were floor-to-ceiling glass barriers so that no one could jump on to the track or, as has occurred in recent instances, a pram roll on to the track.

As the train pulled up, the train doors lined up with the glass barrier doors and they opened in unison.

Finally, the door-closing alarm sounded before the doors closed, not as they close or just after as on Perth trains.