Freeway delay is road to trouble

Club officials had nothing to fear for the new building ” along with a multi-storey car park for Edgewater train station ” was a central promise in the fierce battle for Joondalup won by the incumbent government at the last State election.

Of more concern for the Opposition ” and motorists ” was the budget news of a delay by

another year for the extension of the Mitchell Freeway from Burns Beach Road to Hester Avenue and

associated road projects.

Treasurer Troy Buswell said in December the extension would be built from 2014-15 to 2016-17. ‘This will help to relieve pressure on local roads in the growth suburbs of Clarkson, Butler and Jindalee,’ he said.

‘Without this extension, traffic volumes on Marmion Avenue north of Burns Beach Road and Wanneroo Road ” would soon rise to dangerous and

unmanageable levels.’

The Government will get a tick for what it has funded in Joondalup just as it will be assessed by its preparedness to delay the freeway’s push north.

Justin Bianchini ” Editor