Grim prospect

A few days ago, a smiling Minister for Mines was reported celebrating Perth’s status as Australia’s city of energy. However, he did not even mention the prospect of renewables.

Scientists worldwide are warning us daily about effects of progressive global warming.

They say there is little time to act now; it means 80 per cent of fossil fuel resources must be left underground and transition to sustainable energy is urgent.

Are we prepared for our grandchildren to inherit a dangerous future? Looking forward 50 years and dry, scorching summers that are hostile to life have become commonplace.

The giant south-west eucalypt forests are gone and the last Carnaby’s cockatoo has gone quiet. Old farmers may lament the passing of bumper crops from their youth.

A moonscape of rusting fracking wells in degraded Midwest wildflower country is leaking poisons into a declining aquifer under a nonexistent ‘Lake’ Joondalup.

Children of future times will wonder how plain stupid we all were.