Inquiry attracts many submissions

Though such hearings have not come to Perth yet, private hearings were heard here last month and are due to return in December.

In the meantime, the commission’s first issues paper on working with children checks has attracted 54 submissions.

Some common views on the pre-employment screening for a person’s suitability to work with children were:

– Need for national consistency in the check.

– More research to determine what elements of existing schemes are most effective.

– The need to consider the check as only one element in a broader framework for protecting children.

The commission is seeking submissions on its third issues paper dealing with the creation of child-safe institutions. A fourth paper on preventing the sexual abuse of children in out-of-home care will be

released this week.

If you are interested in commenting on the papers or want to seek a private session with the commission to speak about abuse, visit www.childabuse|