Leave park alone

We gratefully live in a country where lots is done to provide us with exercise, leisure and sporting facilities. This, definitely, is very important for all of us, especially for youngsters and adults.

And yes, there should be plenty of space for exercise and sport ” especially in fast-growing communities ” around here this would be Yanchep.

But to change an old park like Charnwood to a sports arena (which would not be big enough anyway to cope with all the demands) would in my opinion be a wrong decision to make.

The park was established ” like Two Rocks itself ” some decades ago. It has rolling lawns and old trees, just an old and established park in the centre of Two Rocks.

It’s used for picnics, get togethers, concerts and walking the dog and every day you see people enjoying this quiet spot.

Elderly people especially, some not able to walk at the beach, seem to enjoy the shady park.

In my opinion the needs of the average long-term residents of Two Rocks should not be dismissed.

Leave Charnwood Park as it is.