Not fair to close Hillarys beach to horses

Not fair to close Hillarys beach to horses

I HAVE lived in the City of Joondalup for nearly five years and the closure for horses of the animal exercise beach at Hillarys is the first time I have ever felt disgusted with a decision the local council has made.

I have always been impressed with the City’s programs, activities and festivals for the aged, youth and families it provides throughout the year, as well as the way all local areas are managed and maintained. So who decided that dogs are more important than horses?

Yes, horses are bigger than dogs and take up more room at the beach, but the sign clearly states when horses can be exercised and when dogs can be exercised.

If dog owners have been given special dispensation areas on our beaches, when they can be exercised in any park close to their owner’s home, then why would horse owners suddenly be denied these same privileges?

I am almost certain, like dog owners, all horse owners pay taxes, so expect to be treated fairly by the local governments.

Horses love the ocean just as much as dogs.

They have the same rights to enjoy the freedom of the beach and the ocean as do the dogs.

I am not a fanatical horse lover. In fact, they quite scare me, but the beaches are free for all and I have always thought it a splendid idea to have an area where animals can be exercised away from other beach users.

I am just very disappointed that the City councillors feel that they have the right to deny horse owners the same rights of “beach freedom” that they bestow on the often very spoilt family pet.

It has been said that the City of Wanneroo may open a horse beach at some stage, but why should it when there already is a perfectly good horse beach area?

Dogs should not rule supreme; no family animal should, not even in the minds of their owners.


Burns Beach.