Off-road vehicle access issue rages on

As landowners started to develop chunks of the northern coastal growth corridor, they and the City of Wanneroo started enforcing rules that had been in place for years.

Four-wheel-drivers who saw isolated beaches and bush-covered land as theirs to roam bemoaned the restrictions and some found ways to get around the signs and fences.

The law is the law, but is it flawed if it does not recognise a popular hobby?

It will be interesting to see whether the council gives local four-wheel-drivers the access they want.

Equally, interesting will be how long the 4WD community can resist the urge to venture on to private land and keep off undesignated beaches in order to negotiate to

ensure they get legal access.

Will all sides be willing to work together for years to find solutions, or will this end up in the ‘too hard’ basket?