Opinion: Howling mad over dogs at beach

Perhaps just a wee bit excessive…
Perhaps just a wee bit excessive…

DESPITE the fact that the Wanneroo Council voted not to extend the dog beach at Quinns Rocks a couple of years ago, a number of irresponsible dog owners have virtually taken over the beach immediately south of the dog beach, allowing their dogs to run freely off leash.

Any beachgoer confronting these owners is met with a torrent of verbal abuse, threats and the possibility of being attacked by a dog.

Dogs are frequently seen on the other beaches at Quinns. Calling a ranger is pointless because they take too long to arrive, something which is not helped by having to repeat your personal details each time you call.

Infringement notices are never issued.

Indeed, the Council refuses to release any figures, probably because none have ever been issued.

It is guaranteed that off-leash dogs will be roaming free every Saturday and Sunday morning, yet still the rangers don’t appear.

Why is nothing being done about this problem?

Why can’t beachgoers walk the beaches without fear of being abused, threatened and possibly attacked? Why are irresponsible dog owners treated as a protected species?

Will it take an attack on a child or an adult, possibly resulting in severe long-term injury, before the Council takes action?

Is anyone at the Council listening, or is it that they simply don’t care?

Let’s not have any lame excuses about lack of resources. The problem is obvious. It doesn’t take much effort to issue infringement notices and the word will soon go around the dog-owning community.

However, a blue moon might appear before anything is done. We deserve better.

Name and address supplied.