Other ‘dealers’

THE writer of the recent letter headlined “Dealers in death” wrote, “drug dealers should receive the death penalty.”

However, the most “dangerous drugs” by far are legal.

Police say 80 per cent of violence is caused by alcohol. It also causes liver cancer. Prescription drugs – especially opioids – kill thousands each year. Yet the biggest killer of all – it kills two out of three users, is tobacco (it eventually kills more than all other drugs combined).

Some States have legalised medical marijuana. A medical “expert” said on ABC radio that marijuana was dangerous for 14-year-old boys. When pushed he conceded it was probably harmless to 30-year-old men.

Despite this, police continue to target “dope” users – in effect forcing them on to more dangerous drugs, such as alcohol, tobacco and “ice”.

Therefore, I ask if you still think “drug dealers should get the death penalty and does that include publicans and tobacconists.

A. KENNY, Marangaroo.