Pay attention. Wanneroo Road intersection. Opinion

AS a regular driver down Wanneroo Road, I do not believe the intersection is dangerous; just more attention is needed when driving.

When someone is turning right as one is travelling north into the nearby petrol station then people can get by no worries.

Also when people are turning right into Karaborup Road there is plenty of space to get by, more so than when people turn off into the petrol station.

I think it is a knee-jerk reaction to a tragic accident.

Several years ago, there was a spate of accidents along a few kilometres stretch of Wanneroo Road. The knee-jerk reaction was to drop the speed from 110 to 90km/h.

When they upgraded the road to a dual carriageway they should have continued it all the way, instead of having a dual carriageway, back to single lane for a few kilometres then dual carriageway again.