Pay gap outrage

IT is outrageous that the national gender pay gap is at 17.9 per cent and it has barely shifted in 20 years.

When an Australian woman has to work over three months more to achieve the same average weekly earnings as a man, then something is wrong.

You might argue that everyone is paid equally in your work place but this may be due more to luck then design.

Equal Pay Day was September 4 because it would take a working woman an extra 65 days from the start of the financial year to catch-up to the male average earning of $1519.60.

How many employers have ever done a gender pay audit?

Isn�t it about time that all Australians were awarded equal pay for work of equal value?

Live in WA and your pay gap is the worst in the country at 26 per cent; move to Adelaide at least then your gap is only 10.8 per cent.

BPW Australia is holding events through September to highlight the $284.20 per week gender pay gap, with BPW Joondalup focusing on women�s financial independence and sustainability.

Sit up and take notice Australia, are we really a leader among the First World countries?

Some employers such as Telstra, AMP, Westpac and Shell Australia are rising to the challenge. Is yours?

Our coalition Government has committed to increasing women�s workforce participation, but is it really doing enough to address the barriers to effecting real change?

I would challenge anyone reading this to visit the Equal Pay Day website and get involved in making a change.

SANDRA COOK, president,

BPW Joondalup.