Please explain


IN the front-page report in last week’s edition headlined ‘ Water on tap’, Water Minister Mia Davies says: ‘The water, while it’s limited, shouldn’t be a limiting factor in making sure that we have a liveable community, with public open space.’

Either Ms Davies or I is being obtuse. I think that if there is only a limited water supply, it has to have a limiting factor in having a liveable community (people) and on a green and enjoyable public open space.

Please can the minister explain to me how she is going to reconcile this contradictory statement: limited water, liveable community and public open space?

Mayor Tracey Roberts says: ‘We’re the fastest growing local authority in WA (so) definitely water is an issue. This is a very successful strategy, we hope, and it will be a key element of people being able to enjoy their lifestyle.’

The most telling part of what I read is ‘then we may have a community that may not succeed’.

Again, I ask, am I being obtuse or does the mayor have her head buried in the sand dunes. The strategy in place with all the stakeholders makes me think that perhaps these stakeholders have the ability to make water out of nothing.

Both the City and the Government are not holding to the six-fold bottom line, namely economic prosperity, environmental protection, social advancement, ecological sustainability, community health and a sense of place.

Martina Thomas, Two Rocks