Police frustrated over anti-social behaviour

Consumption of alcohol and elicit drugs also have a major impact and are causal factors to these incidents. Boredom is another (so those involved tell us).

Friday and Saturday nights are particularly busy for police, with patrol staff attending many instances of groups of young people roaming the streets, sometimes up to no good and causing a disturbance, damaging property, consuming alcohol, gatecrashing parties and generally being pests.

It is very frustrating for police dealing with some of these juveniles who are placing themselves in dangerous situations, leaving them vulnerable to becoming victims of crime including assaults, sex assault, robbery etc.

At times when contacting parents, police are met with responses of ‘he is 15, what is he supposed to do’, ‘we can’t keep him at home all the time’ and ‘all the kids do it (drink alcohol)’. This does not wash at 1am or 2am.

Parents, monitor your children’s activities. Make sure you know where they are, who they are with and what they are doing. Sometimes it pays to check as they may not be telling you the truth about their activities.

If you see or hear groups roaming the streets, call 131444 and let us know so we can employ some early intervention strategies to nip any possible issues in the bud.