Project dismay

WELL, here we go again, another fait accompli.

Tucked away on page 21 of last week’s North Coast Times was an Expression of Interest for a proposed watercraft hire business on the lovely lakes of Brampton Park.

I wonder how many councillors from this ward would have been voted on to council if they had shown their support for this project before the elections.

Has there been an impact study to show how the abundant bird life in the park and the beautiful koi fish will be affected by the disturbance of people careering around the lakes in these pedal boats?

Have the people who live in Butler been consulted or is this just another decision taken by people who do not live anywhere near Brampton Park.

This would not have got off the ground had the residents supported the now defunct Brighton Residents Association that most certainly would have opposed this assault on the peace and tranquillity of this lovely park.