Ratepayers Will Have to Pay for Road

OUR State Government decided to terminate the new extension of the Mitchell Freeway at Hester Avenue even following council, public (petition) and local schools’ serious objections.

The need for the extension to go to Romeo Road was obvious to all, other than our political masters.

The development to the north of Butler over the next 10 years will make this area one of the fastest developing regions in Australia.

Marmion Avenue will need to carry all this increased traffic.

We now have to pay out of our rates the cost of all the modifications to local roads required to carry out this State Government policy.

I rang Main Roads to see how officials intended to manage the increased volume of traffic at the intersection of Marmion and Hester. I was told this was Wanneroo council’s responsibility as Marmion was not considered a main road and therefore did not come under Main Roads.

Council would need to undertake any modifications.

So not only did the Government not listen to our community, but it also expects us to pay extra rates to fix a serious problem of its making.

We all need to write to our State Liberal representatives and let them know of our objection to the poor planning and that Main Roads must recognise Marmion Avenue as part of its responsibility, not council and the ratepayers.