Response stuns

IN response to the letter in last week’s edition headlined “History lesson”, I love to hear of children’s responses to how their grandparents lived as children.

I attended a grandparent morning with one of our eight-year-old grandchildren. One question was how we were entertained.

I told her we did not have a TV and her face was a picture.

With eyes nearly popping out of her head she said, “What did you do? Did you just watch videos?”

Of all the things we discussed that day that was the one that provoked amazement from her.

She had no concept of how anyone could manage without a TV, not that videos needed a TV to view them.

It is a privilege to be a grandparent, to be able to give and receive unconditional love. I hope I can build memories of their grandparents to pass on to their grandchildren.

If troubles come to them, I want them to know I will always love them, no matter what.