Kangaroos Suffering Due to Urban Sprawl

READING the front-page article in last week’s North Coast Times concerning the poor kangaroos that have been shut out from the Sun City Country Club broke my heart.

These beautiful , gentle animals are being treated appallingly.

Matt Swan says that they looked healthy enough to him – well I wouldn’t call kangaroos lying dead or dying in the streets, with their joeys by their side “healthy”.

Club president Greg Mitchell says that the fence has been erected to keep vandals on motorbikes out.

So the kangaroos have to suffer because of human vandalism. Disgusting!

Why don’t they round up vandals, fence them in somewhere far, far away and leave them there?

Why can’t the golf club employ a security guard to deal with these vandals and keep them out?

These kangaroos are suffering, their habitat taken from them, all in the name of a bunch of people wanting to hit a ball with a stick around the grounds.

The builders too should be ashamed of themselves. Where will all of this suburban sprawl end?

Humans have a lot to answer for and what is happening to the wildlife in Yanchep is absolutely vile, abhorrent and disgusting.