Save woodland

I know that some environmental programs may be undertaken as part of other categories, as shown in the pie graph of the expenditure. Nevertheless, it would be useful to get a clearer idea of how much from the $200 million is actually coming the community’s way.

This glossing over of the environment probably isn’t really surprising given the Mayor Tracey Roberts poor choice of words… “in the City’s north and coastal growth corridors, where suburbs are springing from the sand”.

These suburbs are not being built on ‘sand” but are being built on bulldozed precious banksia woodlands ” there is a difference.

The mayor’s words seem to suggest that before development there was nothing of value there. However, banksia woodlands can only be found in Perth and we have managed to destroy all but about the 30 per cent remaining on the Swan Coastal Plain.

Anyone who drives along Marmion Avenue to Yanchep can clearly see our vulnerable banksia woodland is being ripped up as if it was old carpet and replaced with “sand” and sterile communities.

All the while there are glossy developer street signs with pictures of trees and greenery.

I am not suggesting this sad state of affairs is the fault of the City of Wanneroo, but the mayor suggesting these suburbs are springing out of the sand clearly gives me the feeling that the City doesn’t actually value what was on that “sand” before or that it cares.