Shamed by Rwanda

Unfortunately, this seems to be a First World problem.

Is it a case of the more we have the less we care?

The Keep Australia Beautiful Day is well supported one day a year, but what about the rest of the year?

Eighteen months ago, I went to Tanzania for a five-day mountain trek. I did not see one piece of litter.

I am also aware that other countries in Africa also take similar pride in their wonderful natural resources. For example, Rwanda has been through terrible times in recent years, yet the people are still motivated enough to ensure they are free of litter.

They do not even allow tourists to bring plastic bags into the country, and the use of plastic bags is banned.

The population participates in a litter collection once a month and they are joined by their politicians in this exercise.

We all need to follow these examples and wake up to this problem, before we bury ourselves in our litter.