Some optimism about Brexit

Whither the UK after Brexit?
Whither the UK after Brexit?

THE Brits’ referendum ended 48 to 52 per cent to leave the EU.

That is not binding for the government. Now a new request for another referendum has collected four million signatures to have another referendum to stay.

In addition, Scotland and Northern Ireland might veto any exit. They can.

Moreover, unless the UK government sends a letter to the EU Commission, nothing will happen.

The EU Commission wants that letter now and wants to give the UK very bad terms for the exit to disillusion other countries from exiting.

The Germans are rather soft, indicating to give the UK good terms and guide the EU Commission to a good outcome (the UK is the third largest contributor to the EU budget).

My take on all of that is the Brits will poker for the best deal, supported by the Germans and then… do not exit.

The rationale is in all 27 EU countries more and more people want the EU Commission, which is very expensive and very ineffective, to reform.

Therefore maybe we can achieve that: the Brits stay and the EU Commission finally reforms.

Yes, I am an optimist…