Support this campaign

THE City of Wanneroo has a young and diverse community.

As one of the councillors, I hear from the community through one-on-one conversations and via social media that young families and the youth in our city are doing it tough when it comes to job opportunities and getting around our community.

It is not fair that those of our community who are around my age, or those in their early 30s, who chose to make the City of Wanneroo their home for their family are being hindered by a lack of investment in education and jobs by those who sit in Canberra or in West Perth.

They appear to be more concerned about elections and fancy projects in the inner capital city CBDs.

I believe in opportunity for all, and the residents of the City of Wanneroo deserve the same opportunities that are afforded to those who live closer to the inner capital city CBDs and well-serviced public transport systems.

I want our community to stand up and tell our Prime Minister, Premier and opposition leaders that it is not good enough to keep turning a blind eye to the struggles of Australia’s future generations in our outer growth suburbs.

Young people and young families who live in outer suburbs are facing a double-burden as they lack access to key infrastructure, such as public transport, which in turn limits their educational and job opportunities.

That is why I am supporting the #FundOurFuture campaign in the City of Wanneroo and I ask all the youth and young families in outer growth suburbs of the city to make their voices heard by visiting the web site and signing the petition.

Invest in our community and invest in us, your future.

DOMENIC ZAPPA, Councillor, City of Wanneroo