I AM an aged pensioner living in a retirement village with my wife. On Thursday afternoon, after a busy day, I went to Merriwa shopping centre to buy a couple of items.

While there, unbeknown to me I lost my credit card folder. The folder contained all of my credit cards, medical card (I am a diabetic), driving licence and so forth.

When I got home I received a call from the village manager telling me that a woman had just called into his office and had handed in to him my credit card folder, completely intact, leaving just her name: Tammy and her mobile phone number.

I telephoned Tammy to thank her; knowing what a mess I would have been in without her doing as she had done and obtained her address in Butler.

Being aged pensioners, with all its limitations, it is impossible to reward Tammy as I would like to, but at least I want to make it known what a kind and honest thing she did.

Name and address supplied.