Too few merits

The double demerits system is a draconian measure that has hypocrisy running right through it.

The penalties for not adhering to traffic laws are clear and unambiguous.

There is absolutely no justification for suggesting that if you break the rules on certain days in the calendar then the penalty should be more or less severe.

Otherwise, why should we limit this argument to driving offences?

Burglars break into people’s homes over the holiday period (knowing that homeowners are more likely to be away).

And surely those who assault people at holiday time deserve to be doubly penalised.

Then there are the crimes against morality i.e. prostitution, illegal gambling and drug use. Shouldn’t the perpetrators also be punished twice as severely if their offences were carried out at Easter, Christmas and so forth?

I drove past Whitford City shopping centre over the Easter break and noticed that there were speed checks on unsuspecting families exiting the car park.

My response to Road Safety Council chairman Murray Lampard is how sad that as a society we choose to prey on these groups rather than focus our attention on the significantly more dangerous but accepted act of overtaking on the inside; as well as the bizarre insurance loophole that permits young, inexperienced drivers to race around in highly tuned five-litre V8s.