Too much damage

WE are surprised by the damage that�s done to public property.

We have lived in this area for about two years and during that time, we have seen many instances of damage caused by young people on a Friday and Saturday.

Unfortunately, there seems to be nothing for them to do so to let off steam they ruin our local enjoyment by smashing things, like the steps in our photo alongside.

During these visits to the park, they get dropped off by their parents. They seem to get enjoyment from throwing water balloons at passing traffic on Jindalee Boulevard.

This is not only dangerous to passing motorist but also to the people who throw the balloons.

The people around the park have contacted the police on several occasions but it seems either they cannot catch the culprits or they just move them on. This seems to be happening more and more in our community not just in our area but also all Perth.

It�s about time our police, our councils and the Government become proactive about what�s happening in the community instead of being reactive to the consequence of people being hurt and in some cases critically hurt.

I would like to hear from anybody having similar issues in their community. It�s time to go to the Government and get it to make changes that protect what we work hard for.

Steve Goddard, Jindalee.