Very Selfish: Acrod Parking Bays

WHAT a good thing it would be to crack down on the misuse of Acrod parking bays by able-bodied drivers.

Maybe the only people who care are those with loved ones, like my mother, with a genuine need for priority parking.

I suppose there could be good reasons to see a tradies’ ute in such a bay outside Bunnings, or a car in a blue bay at a golf course for several hours.

Although, my imagination cannot stretch far enough to figure how a tradie could get an Acrod permit.

As for a golf course, I hate to think that able-bodied golfers are using somebody else’s permit when they should know better.

Worse still is the thought the drivers might do the same thing elsewhere.

Could all this be a manifestation of a selfish society that has stopped caring about anybody else? Sadly, I fear so.

Name and address supplied.