Voters, not the draw, to decide

The Liberal Party holds them with margins of about 11 per cent, 9 per cent and 6 per cent respectively.

In Moore, Labor’s 24-year-old politics graduate Jason Lawrance is aiming to eat one or 2 per cent into the Liberal stronghold.

He may be aided by drawing first position on the ballot paper in last Friday’s draw at the Australian Electoral Office in Joondalup.

‘It’s just a name on a piece of paper, I’ll let the voters

decide,’ he told the Times at the draw.

His major party rival, and Wanneroo councillor Ian Goodenough, has drawn last, with all the minor parties in between.

One of the minors fighting for attention in the electorate with the nation’s highest proportion of residents born in the UK or Ireland (21.6 per cent) is the Palmer United Party, represented by Gary Morris, himself originally from the UK:

‘I have been thinking of running for at least 10 years; I’m disillusioned with the Liberal Party.’

Roll on September 7 and good luck to all the candidates.