Well done Cowboys

AS a follow-up to Terri White’s letter in last week�s edition headlined �Sad to see� about the National Anthem not being sung, my wife and I are in total agreement.

We often comment that AFL players do not seem to know the words to our National Anthem and ask what sort of an example they set to the public or to their own children and families.

In marked contrast, the entire Cowboys team before the NRL grand final sang the National Anthem with gusto and it was a delight to see.

This is very similar to when our various national teams do likewise, such as our cricketers, hockey players, athletes and swimmers – as always this is a delight to behold.

Perhaps the AFL could introduce this as a rule from now on that when the National Anthem is played at a match – especially during the finals – that the players should sing to show the world what it means to them because these matches have a worldwide audience.